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Cataract Surgery

Do you know that over 70% of people over the age of 70 suffer from what is known as cataracts, a condition which causes cloudy vision. Unfortunately, many people in the U.K.  simply cannot afford the high prices of cataract surgery in the UK. So tragically many have to suffer in silence to a condition that without medical intervention, will become progressively worse.

Since 1996 see our sister site  Europa International has successfully delivered over 30,000 cosmetic surgery procedures in the Czech Republic. Moreover they never once encountered so much as one single complication.

Returning to cataract treatment: Unfortunately, the only option to avoid long waiting lists is, of course, to be treated privately. But in the U.K. it’s not cheap! You will be expected to find upwards of £4000.00 per eye. Of course, much depends on your current prescription and the type of corrective lens prescribed. A higher prescription equals a higher price due to a higher stronger corrective lens being used.

With all this in mind we at Europa International a trusted respected and widely featured in national and international media based in Luton have decided to come out of retirement and offer more affordable cataract surgery to assist those in need.

cataract surgery
cataract surgery

A bit more on Cataracts. Cataracts occur when the ocular lens becomes cloudy, causing light rays to be blocked from reaching the retina. Initially, the condition may only mildly affect vision, but patients may experience increased sensitivity to light and distorted far sight as it progresses.

cataract surgery

The extent of cloudiness in the ocular lens varies from person to person but one thing is for sure the condition will not improve. Also without appearing to be over melodramatic In severe cases, cataracts can over time lead to a complete loss of sight.

The Early Symptoms of Cataracts

Not to mention as a side issue, left untreated cataracts can increase the risk of injury due to impaired vision. In addition, the condition along the way, results in clouding over the eye lens which in itself drastically affects vision.

Symptoms start slowly in one or both eyes, causing difficulties with reading, driving, and recognizing people and objects. This can result in a loss of partial independence and can also increase the risk of injury.

cataract surgery

Symptoms of cataracts include fading of colours, blurred vision, double vision or diplopia, halos around lights, difficulties coping with bright lights, and naturally impaired vision.

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    Cataract Surgery at Our Clinic: Safe and Effective Solution for Cloudy Vision

    Cataract surgery is an effective solution to this problem. It‘s a remarkably Safe procedure if you opt for Cataract Surgery at Our Clinic

    Cataracts can only be removed through surgery; no eye drops or ocular exercises can effectively treat the condition. However, the procedure is widely recognized as safe and proven effective worldwide, although it is not entirely risk-free.

    Before surgery, each patient undergoes a complex eye examination. Patients will be presented with various types of intraocular lenses to choose from, taking into account the surgeon’s recommendations.

    Before proceeding with any surgery we will (if appropriate) discuss the option of combining your cataract surgery with a multifocal or trifocal intraocular lens, which will come at an additional cost.

    Cataract removal

    Actually takes only 15 minutes to conclude. The procedure is painless due to using anaesthetic eye drops beforehand. During the surgery, the cloudy lens is gently removed by the surgeon and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens.

    After the surgical procedure, a bandage is placed over the operated eye site location. Once the bandage is removed, patients can resume normal activities after day two.

    Surgery for your second eye can be scheduled between 2 to 4 days after the first surgery has been completed.

    Methods Used for Cataract Surgery

    The methods used for cataract surgery are as follows:

    We only ever use very highest-quality lenses as follows:

    Other treatments (non-cataract surgeries):

    The procedure, however, is the same for RLE, PRELEX, and cataract surgery – which is lens exchange, using either phaco-emulsification (with ultrasonic vibration to emulsify the lens) or femtosecond laser (with laser ray to fragment the lens). We are equipped to do both methods.

    cataract surgery

    ICL is not a lens exchange, but the ICL is added in front of the natural lens, and we only use Visian ICL.

    For younger patients with limited vision, there is laser vision correction. We have two lasers: femtosecond VisuMax 800 and excimer MEL 90 (both Zeiss) and offer PRK, femtoLASIK, and Smile Pro procedures.

    For anesthesia: we use local anaesthetics (eye drops). And we use a barraquer to stop the eyelid moving and keep the eye open.

    cataract surgery
    cataract surgery

    How We’re Filling the Gap in the UK Market

    Despite now being in our retirement years we have ventured into offering affordable cataract surgery as we noticed that in the UK people will possibly finish up almost bink before being accepted for this procedure on the NHS. 

    Our clinic offers in fact the same procedure with the same equipment at a much lower cost.

    For example, we noted costs in the UK of £4000.00 plus per eye. Whereas at our clinic we can offer the same procedure with the same equipment for just £1000.00. While there may be of course additional expenses for travel and accommodation, we can help organize your itinerary and even accompany you if needed.  

    cataract surgery
    cataract surgery

    Vision Correction Price list in Euro’s. 

    Cataract surgery :
    Monofocal aspheric lens implantation (Clareon)
    990 €
    Monofocal aspheric toric lens implantation (AcrySof IQ Toric)
    1100 €
    Multifocal aspheric lens implantation (AcrySof IQ Vivity)
    1550 €
    Multifocal aspheric toric lens implantation (AcrySof IQ Vivity Toric)
    1900 €
    Trifocal aspheric lens (PanOptix or AT Lisa tri)
    1550 €
    Trifocal aspheric toric lens (PanOptix Toric or AT Lisa tri Toric)
    1900 €
    Extra fee for laser LenSx assisted surgery
    700 €

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